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LP Gas Installations

We specialise in the following LP Gas Installations and Issuing of LP Gas Certificates:

  • Residential gas installation
  • Commercial gas installation needs and this includes homeowners, factory owners, warehouses, commercial shops, and multi-story office buildings.

Whether you need a brand new installation in your home or simply an upgrade of an existing system on your business premises, look no further than Ekurhuleni Air Conditioning & Electrical services cc.

Our reliable and professional gas installation services are aimed at providing you, our customer, with a unique, customized, and cost-effective gas system. Our work is quality guaranteed and complies with all the required guidelines and industry standards.

If you are a hotel or restaurant owner who requires commercial gas catering equipment, water heaters, or commercial gas fired laundry equipment, we are your one stop shop for unique, customized, and cost-effective commercial equipment installations.

We ensure that our commercial solutions are energy efficient and tailored to your unique needs

Gas installations for which a COC are required would include the following equipment:

  • Built in gas fires or braai’s
  • Gas stoves (4 Plate, 5 Plate & 6 Plate)
  • Hot water systems & Gas Geysers
  • Pizza ovens
  • LP Gas Generators
  • Gas Hobs
  • Fire places
  • Boiling tables

External installation: Gas cylinders, stored outside and piped to the appliance(s)

The drawing below indicates the minimum requirements with regard to storage of cylinders. Special care must be taken when deciding on the location for the cylinder storage. drawing below indicates the minimum requirements with regard to storage of cylinders

  • Any Electric Motor or Switch Box must be a minimum of 5m away from the cylinder storage area.
  • Specialized piping must be used when building the gas pipeline. Normal plumbing piping may not be used.
  • Warning signs & Shut off Valves signs must be installed
  • Where pipes are concealed (running through walls or under floor) special care must be taken to ensure compliance to set regulations. No joints are allowed in any concealed location.
  • The use of specialized flexible hose is limited to 2m.
  • Gas cylinders may NOT be stored in a garage.
  • Ventilation to the area where the cylinders are stored is key.
  • All materials and appliances used and installed must be SABS and SANS approved.
  • Cylinders must be stored on a leveled surface.
  • Special care must be taken to secure the cylinders. This can be done by means on a chain system or the use of a gas cage.
  • Thatch Roof House: A separate set of rules applies to the storage of Gas Cylinders on site which is applicable to Thatch roof homes. Similar to the above, except that the gas cylinders must be stored behind a purpose built fire wall. The cylinder storage must not be closer than 3m from the roof edge

Internal gas installation: Single Cylinder, inside the kitchen to the appliance(s)

The type of installation is more cost effective and cheaper. Small installation with minimum pipe run. Some regulatory requirements must however be considered:

  • Rubber pipe (Orange hose) may not pass through any partition, a Brass Cupboard bush must be used
  • Spacing of plug points
  • Allowance for airflow through the cupboard
  • Service and shut off valves must be allowed for
  • Airflow or ventilation for any indoor installation is critical. /li>
  • Warning signs & Shut off Valves signs must be installed
  • Below is a basic drawing of the requirements linked to an indoor installation:

a basic drawing of the requirements linked to an indoor installation

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