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Our activities consist of all areas in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration disciplines, including.

  • Product Sales
  • Installations
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Major services
  • Minor services
  • Breakdown Maintenance and Repairs
  • Project Management
  • We offer maintenance contracts as well

What to expect from a Major service

  • The condenser and evaporator coils shall be stripped and cleaned with blowers and paint brusher (if the Unit in question is outdoors) or washed with a high pressure WAP (if the unit in question is outdoors);
  • The condenser and evaporator shall be checked for leaks and all leaks located shall be quoted on before any repairs are done
  • The condenser coils shall be cleaned
  • The Refrigerant shall be checked
  • Heating and cooling functions shall be checked;
  • The thermostat shall be checked and adjusted, where necessary
  • The overload protector shall be checked
  • The fan blades and fan motors shall be cleaned and oiled
  • The heating/ cooling contactor shall be checked
  • The electrical cables, panels and overall structure of the Units shall be checked and repaired where necessary
  • The evaporator condensate drains shall be inspected and water tests shall be carried out on each Unit to ensure the drains are not blocked
  • All filters shall be cleaned
  • The units shall be checked for efficiency
  • The expansion valves shall be monitored
  • The evaporator drains shall be cleaned
  • The safety controls shall be evaluated
  • The temperature difference shall be measured
  • The refrigerant level shall be topped up and monitored
  • The valves shall be inspected; and
  • The Service Provider shall provide the Company with complete, written report on the condition of the Units

What to expect from a Minor service

  • The filters on the indoor Unit shall be cleaned
  • The operation of the Units shall be checked, and a written report to be provided on the condition of the Unit/s
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